Our Community News

September 17, 2021
Community News has been created to share our highs and lows whilst in lockdown.
If you have a special celebration or someone in your family needs the prayers of our community, please send a memo through the Contact Us button on the home page. It will be added to this section of the website.
Springtime: OLMC Parish Retreat Join us on Zoom for an afternoon of reflection, prayer and inspiration to see God’s presence in our lives in this season of change, growth, challenges and new life. The afternoon will include input from the MGL Sisters, individual prayer time and a chance to ‘come away’ together on retreat as a parish.  Zoom link:  https://dowcatholic.zoom.us/j/66476756873
Every Sunday 6.30 – 7.30pmADORATION PRAYER with the Carmelite Missionaries  GOD BLESS US ALL IN OLMC PARISH! During the lockdown, this is our community’s response to the request of the PPC to participate and deepen their prayer life through Adoration.  You are invited to join ADORATION PRAYER with the Carmelite Missionaries  every Sunday at 6:30-7:30 PM.  Contact the parish office for the zoom link.
Come online and say “hello”. Beatrix is hosting a social zoom on Wednesday 22 September at 2pm.  This will be an opportunity to say hello to fellow parishioners.  Beatrix has asked that we all wear something yellow because it is springtime.  Contact the parish office 0434705176 for the zoom link.
3/9/2021Telecare Team: Our newly formed Telecare team has been busy the past few weeks calling up parishioners for a check in.
The team is incorporating the existing Pastoral Care Team who in the past have visited the elderly and housebound with Holy Communion with some new members who are calling our parishioners of all ages to keep in touch while the church is closed. If you would like to talk to someone during this lonely time please let us know.