Plenery Council

September 17, 2021

From 3 – 10 October, the Church in Australia will commence its fifth Plenary Council – the first in 84 years. 279 members will begin a process of dialogue focusing on 6 themes that were developed from the responses of over 220,000 people. Checkout:

• the latest media release which is also online here,

• the agenda and is online here

• Plenary Council by the numbers; and

• Archbishop Coleridge – Why a Plenary Council are available

Podcast with Lana Turvey Collins: The Diocese is interviewing Lana Turvey Collins next week for the Journey Podcast, which will be available at from Friday 24 September.

Praying for the Plenary Council: A series of masses will be held during the first gathering of the council and will be available online from various Dioceses around Australia with details to be released soon by the national organising team.

The Diocesan Prayer Seminar series that will commence next Tuesday Evening September 21 will provide the experience and practice of different forms of prayer, with the opportunity to pray for the Plenary Council and its members amongst many important prayer intentions for the Church and the world each week. For more info and to register go to

Plenary Council 2021   We are counting down less than a month now to the long-awaited multi-modal First Assembly. In this time of pandemic, the Plenary Council remains focused on the questions that will help form the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.
There is much information to digest on the website for the Plenary at You might wish to explore more but here are some gems

Plenary Council prayer:

Weekly reflections:

In preparation for the Plenary Council there is a working document “Instrumentum Laboris” and excerpts from that document have been included for the Sunday reflections leading up to the Council which begins on October 3. 

You are invited to read all the questions in the Agenda for the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first Assembly will be a mix of in-person and online delivery. See the up-to-date PLENARY COUNCIL JOURNEY 2020-2022.

This is taken from the reflections for 12 September:

In the night skies of the southern hemisphere, “the Southern Cross stands as a luminous sign of God’s overarching grace and blessing”.  The Southern Cross shines on the face of the Church in Australia and illuminates the meaning and purpose of creation.  The Wardaman people of northern Australia name the smallest star Ginan; it is the keeper of the songs of knowledge.  With eyes of faith, Christians see all things through the knowledge of the cross and hear the song of God’s undying love as the origin and end of all that exists in the universe.  With eyes opened by the light of the cross, Christians are drawn into the continuing mission of the crucified and risen Lord, who says:  “When I am lifted up from the earth, I shall draw all people to myself” (John 12:32.)