September 16, 2022

You are invited to reflect upon our Parish prayer:
‘Creator God life is your gift to me.
Through baptism you invite me to share the gift of my life in service to others….’  
Until this time where have you responded to God’s call to share your gifts with our faith community?  
To help you ponder upon what you are gifted to give and how you may share it in our community , we are going to have a PARISH MINISTRY DRIVE starting this weekend,  17 September and each weekend through to 30 October.
Every weekend we will present a different ministry through information material in the foyer, talks at mass, an information stall after mass, talking to people that are/have been in this ministry.
Each weekend you will have an opportunity to enquire about a ministry where you may want to share your gifts.  You can express an interest to find out more about the ministry and sign up to join if you feel a particular ministry is calling to you.
This weekend we are focusing on the generous and gracious Refreshments Team.  Have you considered how much effort this team puts into preparing for the refreshments offered after weekend Masses and during special occasions.   Thank you Team, for all your effort. 
There is information about various ministries on our website and you are encouraged to call the parish office for more information during the week.