Novena, Feast Day & Fiesta

July 12, 2024

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel After 10am Mass we will join the procession and follow along singing hymns to Our Lady.  Please join in the singing as a songsheet for the procession is provided. A mobile speaker will provide music. Those who are not able to follow the procession can make their way to the concert area chairs or remain in the church until the  procession goes past.   The procession will finish at the stage and the scapulars will be blest by Father. 

Blessing of the Brown Scapular When the procession reaches the stage, the Bishop will bless the brown scapulars of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and those who are newly committing to this devotion can come forward to receive it. Enrolment in the Scapular is given once in a person’s lifetime, however people can get additional scapulars if they need them. (if they wear out or break). During this time there will be no other focus and all are asked to remain respectful.

Spotlight on Our Parish Take a walk through the parish stalls and see what great things are happening in our parish this year. The children’s activities have games and face painting on the grassed area. 

There are Parish stalls that provide a variety of information about different groups and activities that nourish and enrich our faith and community: Visitors and parishioners alike are encouraged to visit and chat.  Tickets will be given out from these stalls to enter a draw and win a prize…the draws for a prize will occur at 1pm and 2pm.

Enjoy the concert while eating your lunch. we look forward to the talent on display including Polynesian dancing, bagpipes, a musical band, Irish dancing, solo and duet singers and much more.

The raffle will not be drawn at the moment  but the tickets are still for sale  from the fundraising team.  It will be drawn in October. 

Soft drinks can be purchased from the fundraising stall.

Food stalls Food stalls will be serving food after the prayer of thanksgiving. We thank all who are giving their time to serve at the following stalls: Filipino food, Indian food, Aussie BBQ sausages and salads, Samoan food, South Africa & Mauritian food and an international food stall which will have a variety of Islander, Middle Eastern, Asian and European foods. We also thank those who spent time and money preparing this free feast, a highlight indeed!

Catering for the Elderly and those unable to queue If you are not able to join the queues for lunch please sit in the designated area and one of our helpful volunteers will get you some lunch.  Please sit on the hall side of the chair rows and those assisting in this ministry will approach you and bring tea or coffee. They will take your food order: you can choose the type of food you prefer, and it will be delivered to you.

Celebrating years of being a proud parishioner Take a selfie or have your photo taken using our creatively designed LifeSize frame which identifies how many years you have been a part of our parish and post it to your Facebook or have as a keepsake!

Thank you to the committee and the many volunteers who have given their time and talents over weeks of preparation and on the day itself to help Celebrate Our Community!