Father Shane Kelleher, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic parish

Shane joined the Carmelites (Order of Discalced Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) in 1986.

Spent 10 years in Africa (Nigeria and Kenya). Ordained to the priesthood in 2011.

Installed as Parish Priest at OLMC in February 2012.

Apart from the general duties as Parish Priest, Shane is also chaplain to the Māori community with a mass on the first Sunday of each month in Te Reo Māori. Kia ora.

Sister Jill, Parish Pastoral Associate

The Parish Leadership Team (PLT) is responsible for leading the overall implementation of the Pastoral Plan and prioritising delivery.

Sister Ines

Sister Ninfa

Beatrix PLT member and Coordinator of the Hospitality Ministries.

I immigrated from Germany with my husband and 2 sons in 1989.

Since 1991 I have been a parishioner of OLMC Varroville where I have served in various ministries and the PPC.

I am currently serving in the welcoming and refreshment ministries and am a member of the PLT.

I am happy to listen to parishioners and together put our vision into action.



I have been a parishioner here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel since 1999.  My husband, Phil and I moved to the parish with our children and have been actively involved in many ministries.

I was employed as the Parish Secretary in 2012.  I enjoy my role, assisting Fr and Sr with the day to day activities in our parish and hope to continue helping all our parishioners for many more years. Please come and see me if you have any questions about our parish;  I can help you make an appointment to talk to Fr Shane, register your family in our parish, receive a sacrament & plan a funeral, join a ministry or a committee, hire the hall and buy a niche in the columbarium.

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is responsible for creating and shaping and monitoring the overall Parish Vision, Mission and Pastoral Plan.

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council:

Paul: Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council

I have been in the Parish for about 5 years and initially became involved in Alpha with my wife Loriana and have led or attended about 5 alphas in the parish.

I am currently the chairman of the PPC and working with a wonderful leadership team supporting Fr Shane.

My aspiration is that OLMC be the beacon on the hill for those that are seeking to know Jesus Christ and the power of His rising in our area.

Bianca, Secretary

Berna, Secretary



My name’s John and I’m married to Donna. 

We have two children Ben (25) and Emma (16).  Just last year Ben married the lovely Anna.

We’ve been members of the Parish for 10 years.