Each week, hundreds of volunteers around the diocese answer the call to share our Catholic faith with Catholic children. Please keep in your prayers the work of Scripture Teachers, the children they teach in state schools and their families.

In the Diocese of Wollongong, wonderful volunteers in all Parishes help bring meaning and joy to the lives of young people through the teaching of SRE in state schools. You get great training, resources and support, so come and be part of our training in February in Wollongong or Campbelltown, or even online! Contact for more information and join the ranks of our 500 amazing Catechists who attend over 140 schools in our Diocese. Please pray for a smooth start for this ministry in 2022, for our Catechists, students and their families.

Have you ever wanted to know more about being a Catechist? Are you starting in the ministry? If you would like to know more about this ministry, please contact Sr. Norvberta Ordiz, Catechists’ Coordinator CM at the Parish office.