Lenten Groups 2023

During Lent this year, we had various groups meet across our parish at various times of the week. Some groups met online, some met together at the parish meeting room while others met in homes of parishioners. This was a chance for us to read, ponder and pray with the Lenten scriptures together, using the Triumph Lenten program produced by the Wollongong Diocese and to share our insights with each other. This was a valuable experience for all as it helped us grow in our relationship with God and with each other.

The Big Picture Bible Course

“The study of the Sacred Scriptures must be a door opened to every believer.”

Pope Francis, Evangelli Gaudium

From June to August 2022, three groups in our parish, completed the Big Picture Bible Course an inspiring journey through salvation history. Over 6 weeks, participants met to watch a DVD together, share their reflections from their daily Bible readings and to pray and encourage one another.

“I found it wonderful reading the parts of the Bible and hearing the word of God. I enjoyed hearing the sharing of others on the DVD.”

The big picture bible study participant

“This course is very enlightening and enriching. Aside from the fresh insights of the speakers in the films, I like the ‘Living it Out’ page at the end of each chapter. It offers so many ways to live the Scripture, its readings are so powerful …”

Big Picture Bible study participant

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

From September until November 2022, two groups in our parish participated in the 8 week bible study, Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. During the course, we studied 14 narrative books of the Bible which tell the story of salvation history from Creation and the Fall, through the coming of Christ, and the establishment of the Church. With the aid of a Bible Timeline Chart, we were provided an overview of the twelve times of biblical history.

“It’s a very useful and enlightening course which benefited my understanding of the Bible and my personal relationship with Jesus.”

Unlocking the mystery of the Bible participant

“I learned through this study of God’s great love demonstrated throughout history.”

Unlocking the mystery of the Bible participant