parish ministries

Our Ministries’ Members have the choice of joining one of the following ministries to help around the Parish. During COVID-19 fewer ministries are operating as needed. If you are already a Member in any of those ministries please view your roster below. Thank you for your time and effort.

New volunteers please contact the Parish Office for more details about joining any of the ministries.

Catechist Ministry

Welcomers / Monitors’ Ministry


Main tasks:
1. Arrive 30 minutes before Mass. Collaborate with the monitors and wardens to ensure
all task are performed.
2. Sign in with QR with your own phone, put on mask and use sanitiser
3. Before you start, familiarise yourself with current COVID directives. If unsure check with
the parish office.
4. Check QR codes, sanitiser, counter, spare masks, tissues, church mobile are on table
(look on kitchen bench and cupboard for more supplies).
5. Prepare the cleaning sheets for altar servers, musicians and cleaning. Follow the
instructions on the monitor sheet. At the end of mass ensure all sheets are complete
and put on the table in the meeting room.
6. Open inside doors to church while outside doors stay locked. Encourage choir and altar
servers to lock doors behind them when coming early to practise.
7. When all monitors are in their place with phones at table and counter at inside door let
parishioners in.
8. Open the 2 sets of double doors so no one has to touch the door handles.
9. Encourage signing in with QR under portico/check QR sign in. Greet and welcome each
person as they arrive and offer assistance if anyone needs help.
10.Encourage using sanitiser and advise on sitting in pews with green stickers.
11.Count how many people have entered the church and if capacity is reached, set up
chairs under the portico for people to sit on.
12.Check no one is sitting in pews with stickers saying DON’T SIT HERE
13.One monitor to organise money collection (choose 4-6 collectors who have to wear
gloves and mask while collecting, put money in collection boxes in foyer.
15.After mass open all doors including side doors (at 9.30am Mass)
16.Direct parishioners out from the back pews first after last hymn finishes
17.Parishioners who want to talk to Father should be directed to meeting room.
18.Discourage loitering in foyer or front of church
19.Offer bulletins to take home
20.Make sure all sanitising and cleaning including church, foyer and toilets is done and
appropriate papers are signed
Thank you for your service
Training will be provided on either 25 April at 10.30am or Thursday 29 April at 7.30pm
For any enquiries contact parish office 0434 705 176

  • Monitors’ Training will be provided on either 25 April at 10.30am or Thursday 29 April at 7.30pm
    For any enquiries please contact parish office 0434 705 176

Readers’ Ministry


Flower Arranging Ministry


Flowers are required mainly for the Altar and on the side of Our Lady Statue and St.
Joseph Statue. Additional could be placed in front of the Altar or the entrance for
special occasions.
1. Bring the previous week pots and flowers to the Flower arranging room.
2. Clean the pots and throw all rotten flowers and keep the good flowers and
3. Plan the design of the two main Altar flowers so they would be nearly the same.
Greenery can be found in the vicinity of the church from Palm and other trees
4. Check the sponges inside the pots and make sure they are wet enough to go for
a week time.
5. Design the two pots and place them carefully on the Altar.
6. Use remaining flowers to finish the two other pots or vases which will go on the
right and left.
7. If there was no flowers available, the artificial flowers can be used.
8. Upon finishing the above, the flower arranger/s is/are to collect the leaves that
fell on the altar and any other place within the church. If necessary vacuum.
9. Clean all the used tools in the flower arranging room and keep in their
designated place. Should not change location of tools or artificial flowers
without notifying the office.
10.Throw the old flowers and greenery in the specified green Garbage bin outside.
Any plastic wrapping from the flowers can be thrown in the rubbish bin.
11.Vacuum the floor and clean the basin.
Does not require previous skills. We recommend the arrangers to have some
gardening gloves and a gardening apron (some flowers have colour that can transfer to
the clothes)
Thank you for your service.
For more information and training contact parish office 0434 705 176

Altar Servers

Altar Servers Ministry consists of Adult Altar Servers and Junior Altar Servers. Due to COVID 19 restrictions we have only one Adult Altar Server for each mass.

Church Cleaning Ministry


Some tips for the Ministry Member
(The vacuum cleaners, dusters, and other cleaning goods are in the lower cupboard
in the kitchen)
1. Start by putting up all the kneelers and pick up rubbish that the vacuums can’t
collect; dust/wipe down kneelers and arm rests.
2. Dust/wipe windowsills and clean windows and glass doors.
3. Two people can start vacuuming on either side of church. Power points are
located on the back and side walls.
4. Clean the confessional rooms, then proceed to the seats and that way meet in
the middle.
5. Clean candle offering area and dispose of wax and used candles.
6. Use disinfectant provided to wipe the back of all chairs.
7. Clean out the vacuum cleaner and return to the storage area.
8. Pack away cleaning products and dispose of cloths.
Bless you all for being faithful to this very important ministry 😊
Training will be provided
For any enquiries contact the Parish Office 0434 705 176.

Church Foyer Ministry


(You will find the vacuum cleaner in the lower kitchen
cupboard. The mops and buckets are out the backdoor of the
meeting room/church.)
1. Sweep or vacuum foyer, kitchen and toilet area. Sweep the
tiles in front of church for leaves and rubbish.
2. Clean handbasins, doors, handles, mirrors and bench with
cleaners and cloths provided in the cupboard in the ladies
bathroom. Check the glass doors for fingerprints. Take
away rubbish.
3. Mop all tiled areas.
4. Remove all old bulletins and rubbish that are no longer
5. Put a current roster for this week ministries on the notice
6. Check the water bottle and fill if necessary, make sure
clean cups are available.
7. Empty the bin beside the water container. If just water
cups they would go into the recycling (yellow lid) bin, if
rubbish as well in garbage (red lid) bin.
Bless you all for your faithful commitment to this important
ministry 😊
Training will be provided
Any enquiries contact the parish office 0434 705 176.

Money Counters’ Ministry

Music Ministry

Music Ministry of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.