The Sacrament of Marriage

The home and family is the foundation of our society. A Christian family is the Church at home, the domestic Church. Parents who live their faith together with clergy and consecrated men and women are a precious presence in the Church, partly because they try to bear special witness to the dignity of each person and attempt to witness to our unity as the pilgrim People of God throughout the world. “Let the message of Christ in all its richness find a home with you” says St Paul to the Colossians 3:16. This message could easily be taken as a model for establishing our own Christian community at home and in the parish.

Every marriage matters, because marriage comes from the hand of God. God brings a man and a woman together to love and support each other. Their love becomes visible in the children they bring into the world and in their acts of generous service. In Catholic teaching, the valid marriage between two baptised Christians is also a sacrament. The love between the spouses symbolises Christ’s love for the church.

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