Confirmation is the second of the Sacraments of Initiation. It is closely related to Baptism and leads to the Eucharist which expresses full belonging to the Church, the body of Christ. Hence it is called a sacrament of initiation. Confirmation is a sacrament of empowerment. It gives the strength to follow Jesus and to become involved in the mission which Jesus left to the Church. For more information, contact the Parish Office on (02) 9603-7373.

Classes to be postponed ! (COVID 19)

  • I hope you are all staying safe at this very difficult time. As a result of the lockdown in greater Sydney, we will be postponing Confirmation classes.  This means that the actual Confirmation date of August 22 will also need to be postponed. 
  • We are trying to reschedule but at this point, we cannot set a date as there are a few factors to consider, like when the lockdown will be lifted and the availability of the Bishop.
  • Our intention is to do all the classes in person and hopefully reschedule for sometime in October (but this will depend on the factors mentioned above).
  • Please know that as soon as we have more information we will communicate the information to you. 

The Registration Process

Registration Form

Please complete the registration form if you wish your child to prepare for the sacraments in 2021. This form needs to be handed into the parish office together with copies of your child’s Baptism certificate(for all sacraments) and First Holy Communion Certificate (for Confirmation).Attend the Parent’s Information Evening: date to be confirmed.

Apply Online OR download Form below and send to the parish office.

Attend sessions as per the schedule

Confirmation Registration is due at the Parish Office 


Retreat Day

The Retreat Day is a very special day when the children can prepare themselves away from normal distractions.