Baptism establishes a bond between your child and God and thereby links your child with all others who are his followers. We understand that Baptism initiates your child into the Community of Believers who follows Jesus Christ; that community on the local level is the Parish Church Community.

Your request for lawful Baptism implies that as parents, you wish for your child to be raised believing and living the values of the christian community called the Catholic Church which says: “It is required that there is a well founded hope that the child will be brought up in the Catholic Religion. If such hope is truly lacking the Baptism is to be deferred and the parents advised of the reason for this”.

As members of the church we believe all that Christ taught us and we wish to pass onto our children the faith that is ours, and so we will try to set an example of true Catholic living.  We know that the church encourage parents to promote prayer at home and obliges them to attend Mass on Sundays as an integral part of their Catholic lifestyle.

The Registration Process

Registration Form

Baptism is the first step in a lifetime of faith and that in due time your child will mature through the reception of the other sacraments – Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation and Marriage or Holy Orders. Baptism is held in our Parish on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month for babies and children under sacramental age (7). Click on the first button to apply online OR download and fill in the form below and send to the parish office by email.

The ceremony commences at 11 am.  The Parents and Godparents must be here by 10.45 am. The parents must attend an information session  prior to the Baptism (please refer to the baptism request form above for more information). This is the time to ask any questions you may have about your child’s Baptism. You will also be invited to bring your child to Mass for a family blessing.

The babies must be dressed in white. Please bring your own Baptismal candle. One of the Godparents must be a Catholic.

It is customary to give a donation to the Priest for your child’s Baptism.